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Hannah ida

It all started with a flea market guitar. In the summer of 2017, young artist Hannah Grevis, 16 years old at the time, started to learn some basic chords on her worn out guitar. After an experience rich sailing trip to Scandinavia, she
then wrote her first song called White bird.

Still shy, she slowly started showing her song to friends and family, by whom she was warmly encouraged. Hannah slowly, but surely gained more confidence and continued to write songs about her surroundings, love, sadness, fear, happiness, society and challenges of our time.

In September 2018, she then officially launched, the solo singer songwriter
project Hannah Ida.

Shortly after launching the project, the young musician visited her brother and aspiring Filmmaker Lukas Grevis in Bosnia, where they created an improvised live session starring her first song „white bird“. They used their creative spirit to make a video reflecting Hannah Ida’s experiences of traveling through the Balkans, as well as her desire of falling in love with the beauty of difference.

In January 2019, Hannah Ida then played her first solo show at MESA MINETT (maison de la transition) in Esch-sur-Alzette (Luxemburg). This event was a source of new confidence for the young artist, encouraging her to open up more and share her work. From then on, Hannah Ida played small gigs, but also stages like the „Food for your Senses Festival 2019“, the „screaming-fields festival“ at Rockhal and venues/festivals like „Last summer dance“, Rotondes, Prabbeli Wiltz, Neimënster, congés annulés, De Gudde Wëllen, Den Atelier etc.

Hannah Ida’s raw voice accompanied by guitar, ukulele or pocket piano, englobes beautifully melancholic songs full of meaning and intimate sensibility.

For Hannah Ida, sharing the music she creates, is like a secret valuable and precious conversation. Her warm and melancholic songs flawlessly reflect her authentic and independent spirit, seeking for adventure and experience.

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