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cynthia nickschas & friends


She was first discovered for her extraordinary talent in 2011 at the Geldern Street Music Competition. In 2014, she received the "FÖRDERPREIS DER HANS–SEIDEL–STIFTUNG". Further nominations followed and most recently she was awarded the "FÖRDERPREIS DER LIEDERBESTENLISTE 2019".


Following her previous albums "Kopfregal" (2014) and "Egoschwein" (2018),
she now presents her third album "Is' halt so".

Previously unreleased songs line up with new tracks and arrangements to form this album. "Is' halt so" combines joie de vivre, colour and the imagination of this petite but vocally powerful musician.


Cynthia likes to be unconventional – she embodies rebellion, passion and pure energy. Through her songs, she can encourage her listeners, but also highlight the unspoken.  
Despite the fact that she addresses unpleasant issues, confronting and calling a spade a spade and not shying away from conflict, she does so with a positive worldview providing inspiration and motivation to make a change.  
Humanity, honesty, empathy and trust are her most important values.  

Her stylistic approach is freedom-loving, colourful and diverse. Her music contains influences from rock, pop, but also blues, jazz as well as classical singer-songwriter. This exciting mixture creates mature soundscapes and stories that are supported by up to 6 musicians: 

CHRISTIAN ZERBAN (saxophone),  
ALWIN MOSER (violin),  
OLAF ROTH (piano),  
DIRK KUNZ (bass)  

Together, they perform as,  

Cynthia Nickschas + friends 

The songwriter, singer and guitarist, who comes from a family of musicians, preferred a turbulent apprenticeship as a street musician to a monotonous professional life and has performed at renowned festivals such as Burg Herzberg, Bardentreffen, Songs on a Summer Evening and Tollwood. She has appeared on several television and radio stations such as ARD, WDR, BR and Deutschlandfunk. Furthermore, she has shared the stage with artists such as CLUESO; FELIX MEYER and KONSTANTIN WECKER.


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