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The Magic Mumble Jumble

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Don’t forget to move your body to the beat”, a line of hope that got thousands of people to pick themselves up for a moment and just dance. With over six million streams on Spotify the single “Don’t Forget” seems to have struck a chord. The song is a message of hope for the fans, and one of the Magic Mumble Jumble’s most popular works. That’s why the band is taking exactly this message on tour with them in 2024. But this time the dancing is moving from your living room to the club and festival stages. The Magic Mumble Jumble invites you to celebrate life in 2024 with a healthy serving of Folk-Pop fortified with dancing and good fun over a full festival season and two headliner club tours!

Armed with their seven singing voices, horns, guitars, percussion, airtight rhythm section and most importantly, a huge amount of positive energy, The Magic Mumble Jumble sets out to include all the people they encounter in their journey. With their unique blend of jazz, pop, indie and folk the band is able to connect to any audience. With his charismatic stage presence and live-to-love attitude bandleader Paul Istance is on a mission to make any show a magical experience in which the gap between audience and band disappears completely.


Since its founding the band has released several singles of which the song “Home” was featured on a Sony Compilation in 2015. These releases were followed by their live debut album “The Magic Mumble Jumble” in 2016 - an outstanding live recording that the band made in the Netherlands together with more than 60 musicians. Due to great sales it has had to be reproduced several times. In the autumn of 2017 they released their successful EP “We All Want Sunshine’’ and gave birth to their second album “Show your Love” in November 2018. The band recorded this album together with producer Tom Gelissen (Ennio Morricone, Woodkid, Armin van Buuren). In 2019 Burg Herzberg Festival asked the band to publish their live show of the previous year. This live recording of 14 songs with 90 minutes of pure energy and love is a spectacular documentation and resembles the bands strongest feature - their live show. In 2020 the German television program ZDF invited the band to perform at the ‘ZDF Morgenmagazin’. During the closing of live music venues during the pandemic the band found a unique way to reach their fans by organizing a tour through their backyards. They also released their hitsingle ‘Don’t Forget’, which has currently been streamed on Spotify over 6.000.000 times. After the high demand of their 2019 live album the bands management initiated a unique project to capture the bands playfulness and live feel, and they recorded the band secretly. This resulted in the aptly titled 2021 album ‘The Secret Recordings’. Since then, the band has played over a hundred shows and recorded their latest live album during their 2022 tours.



Paul Istance                 - Lead vocals, Trumpet

Erik Stein                     - Drums

Leah Uijterlinde - Clarinet, Percussion, Vocals

Joshua Aaron               - Piano, Hammond, Vocals

Pim Koppen                 - Bass, Vocals

David Uijterlinde           - Electric guitar, Vocals

Leroy van der Poel       - Sousaphone, Euphonium, Trombone, Vocals

Hugrún Elfa                  - Trombone, Vocal

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